Body Contouring in Littleton, CO

Facial Offered

Spectrum Med Spa offers a wide variety of facials including:

Diamond-tipped Microdermabrasion

This relaxing facial treatment is beneficial for any skin type. Our aestheticians use a microdermabrasion tool tipped with fine diamonds to gently slough away dry, dead skin cells and exfoliate pores, leaving skin smooth and rejuvenated. We proudly use Image Skincare products to balance skin with the highest quality nutrients and moisturizers. This type of facial minimizes pores and helps skin to better retain moisture in the future.
Receiving regular treatments will be especially effective in rejuvenating and helping to heal aging or acne prone skin, KP, and scarring.

Injectables available

Traditionally it is used to treat frown lines between the eye brows, forehead creases, crows feet around the eyes and fine lines above the lips. Botox Cosmetic can also be injected into the underarms, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet to treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Wrinkle Lift Peel

Ultra resurfacing glycolic and retinol blend to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Lift Peel

This peel has anti-inflammatory agents used to treat all types of acne.

Chemical Lift

Ormedi Lift Organic ingredients with medical effectiveness work to rebalance skin. Signature Lift This is a result driven Vitamin-C and enzyme treatment to treat all skin types, including Rosacea & sensitive skin.

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