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Highlands Ranch Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Spectrum Med Spa knows how satisfying it can be to watch that scale drop but we also know and understand all of the hard work that goes into making that happen.  Spectrum Med Spa offers a one-stop shop solution provided by medical professionals that truly care about your health and well being.

Among all of the different reasons, people want to lose weight a few major reasons stand out. Self-improvement, self-image, health improvement, lower risks of fatal illness and diseases and some enjoy the energy gained by losing a few pounds. Unlocking the energy to enjoy everything that you love and to pursue passions that may require a fitter more healthy you is what we at Spectrum Med Spa want to unlock for you.

When you want the best weight loss clinic in Highlands Ranch Co, with the most comprehensive selection of products and services.  Customized programs designed and tested by professional weight loss doctors and all 100% backed by proven science.  From RM3, customized prescription programs and 3-step weight loss programs that help build on your weight loss process and program to our industry defining, FDA- approved body contouring treatments and medical spa treatments, Spectrum Med Spa has the solutions.

Our approach is to examine and prescribe solutions based on you as a whole and not just singling out problem areas for quick fixes.  Our team is invested in your success and with our track record of amazing transformations, we are confident that we can develop a program that works for your body that achieves your goals on your time that doesn’t also slim your bank account.

Our record of success speaks for itself and our patients will tell you that they choose a weight loss program and set goals that worked for them while supervised by our onsite Physician – a doctor who specifically specializes in medical weight loss treatments in Highlands Ranch Co . Stop by today to experience everything that Spectrum Med Spa has to offer and ask for a FREE consultation.  We schedule FREE appointments Monday through Friday from 9am – 4 pm and on Saturday by appointment only.



Phentermine Prescription - The prescription appetite suppressants known as Oral phentermine hydrochloride has helped individuals safely and successfully lose weight for over 30 years. The medication is in the sympathomimetic family of appetite suppressants, which means it is used for short-term management of overweight or obesity.

Is Medical Weight loss right for you?

 Benefits of Medical Weight loss Programs

  • Lose Weight fast but safely
  • One daily pill to reduce apetite
  • B-12 & LipoLean for energy boost
  • Medical staff tracking progress

Why our Weight loss Program works

Spectrum Med Spa has teamed up with industry leaders to develop a premium weight loss program that works.

You Will Save Money

This affordable weight loss program is engineered for maximum effect in a short amount of time. This program typically lasts 2 months with a 1 month off cycle in-between prescriptions. During the month off your medical team member will monitor your progress and make recommendations based on your goals and progress made. We care about your health and well being and the medical team at Spectrum Med Spa takes all policies and precautions nessasary to keep you safe.

B-12 and Phentermine

Spectrum Med Spa combines the apetite supression and metabolism boost of Phentermine with the sustainable energy of the B-12 complex weekly injections. This program


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