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Our on site physicians will assist you in navigating the complicated path of wellness technology, consult with you on weight-loss options and even recommend proven treatments that can be administered on the premises under the guidance of your personal care professional. We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you achieve your goals in a healthy and responsible way. With over 15 years of professional experience helping hundreds of local Coloradans lose weight and create programs for future success, give us a call today to schedule your FREE no obligation consultation with one of our in house health professionals. If you’re interested in treatments all paperwork and blood work is performed in the office.

Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you are suffering from low testosterone and considering testosterone replacement therapy, Sculpted MD has you covered. Our doctors can evaluate what level is best for you based on your health and your age. We offer a range of blood tests to ensure the best treatment for your particular needs. If your testosterone levels are too low, there are hormone replacement therapies such as injections, shots, and gels that can be applied to the skin. All of which have had success at increasing testosterone levels in the body. Learn more about our Hormone Replacement therapy.

Compassionate Care

Our Staff is here to help you realize the new you, the best you.

Targeted Solutions

Our aim is to create solutions for an individuals specific needs. We are not a one sizes fits all clinic.

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Come in today for a FREE no obligation consultation. If you decide to move forward with treatment we will perform a series of tests to determine your hormone levels. With this information we can craft a custom plan for your body.

With a tailored plan created for you, our team will help you stay on track and monitor your progress. We schedule monthly visits for refills and check your status. If something isn't working we will ask the right questions and make suggestions to keep you happy and on track.

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