B-12 shots with or without Lipolean!

When you take a B-12 vitamin orally, stomach acid destroys most of the efficiency. thus by obtaining AN injection, you bypass the organic {process|biological process} process. B-12 is important to take care of our circulatory, immune and nervous systems. advantages include increased energy, improved sleep patterns, feeling of alertness, helps maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells, and helps battle fatigue and depression.
Side effects though terribly rare, the foremost common are terribly mild and include mild diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, site injection soreness, headache, or joint pain.
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MIC Injections

The MIC injection is a vitamin cocktail that has lipotropic and B-12. primarily, lipotropic means that fat-loving. it’s created from three amino acids that are necessary for the health of your liver. By making certain that your liver is healthy, you’ll facilitate enhance its ability to get rid of the toxins and fat from your body and boost your metabolism.

  • B-12 promotes normal functioning of the brain and nervous systems, and also the formation of blood cells and boosts energy levels.
  • Methionine breaks down fat, aids digestion and helps detoxify the liver.
  • Inositol converts fats into alternative helpful products, establishes healthy cell membranes, and facilitates nerve impulses.
  • Choline assists in weight management, helps maintain a healthy nervous system and assists in memory and learning.

For optimal results, it’s suggested that the injection be twice every week for 2 weeks, and weekly after that.

MIC injections are applicable for many people who want to lose weight. side Effects could embrace allergy, GI upset, urinary frequency, and diarrhea

Patients who have an allergic reaction to sulfa shouldn’t receive MIC Injections.



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