Testosterone Pellet Treatment

Testosterone Pellet Treatment

Testosterone Pellet Treatment may sound a little unconventional but treating Low Testsoterone using surgically implanted testosterone pellets under the skin is proving to be a consistent form of treatment. It is highly recommended that other forms of Low T therapy are used prior to this treatment to help locate the exact dosage amount needed for your body. Pellet TRT is a safe and very effective way to treat low T. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes in most cases to complete and is performed by a medical doctor. A mild local anesthetic is applied to the incision area at or near the buttocks or upper thigh area. The exact location is determined by your doctor and is specific to your body, the incision itself is very small and once the time release pellets are implanted the incision is sutured up. It very rare cases does the area get infected ; less than 0.6 percent and in some cases the pellets will be rejected by the body this happens in less than 6.0 percent of patients.

Is pellet treatment right for you?

If you have tried other forms of TRT therapy such as creams, injections or sprays and are having difficulty keeping the schedule or find it troublesome.  Pellet treatment is a great way to have consistent treatment for 4 – 6 months at a time.  It is highly recommended that you find the exact dosage that your body needs through other forms of treatment prior to switching to Pellet treatment.  In most cases your doctor will not recommend pellets if you have not used other therapies for at least 3 months.  It is in your best interest to know the exact amount that your body requires.

Surgery down time?

Minimal downtown should be expected. Due to the nature of the procedure you can expect to be in and out of the office in under and hour.  The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes complete and the pain numbing injection makes for a comfortable quick experience.  Typically we recommend to take a full day off from activity, workouts, work the day of the procedure. For more information about our Testosterone Pellet Treatment, you can contacting us, using this link



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