Risks of Testosterone Therapy

So you have been thinking of what likely are the risks of testosterone treatment. Maybe you’ve heard some unpleasant stories and because of that, you have a double mind, whether or not to take the treatment. To start with, would you forfeit this treatment and suffer from the symptoms that are associated with low testosterone? The answer is definitely NO! Some of these symptoms you already know or have been experienced. Almost all treatments have side effects and so this particular one would not be an exception. Researches have shown that the side effects associated with testosterone treatment are nothing when compared with its benefits. Maybe it would make more meaning if we list the symptoms and then the benefits. The symptoms of low testosterone include; low sex drive (if you have low sex drive, what on earth would you enjoy in your marriage? How can you possibly cope with this?), erectile dysfunction, low energy level, increased body fat, loss of your manly nature (decrease in bone and muscle mass), low sperm count, depression, back pains, difficulty in concentration, motivation and ambition become decreased, unattractiveness to women, etc. The opposite of a fore mentioned symptoms are all you get to enjoy as the benefits if you get treated, and more. It can be seen that they are not something you can forfeit for anything in this world and so, it is better to get yourself treated today!

What are the Risks of Testosterone Treatment?

These side effects are not permanent and they go away as soon as the treatment is completed. Some of the risks of testosterone treatment include:

  • Problem to people around you: this applies to people who apply testosterone creams. It is extremely rare for this to happen but there are possibilities of its happening. When a child gets in contact with the cream, it might lead to premature puberty in the child and could have some negative effects on others too. This is why it is advised that you wash your hands properly after application and make sure the areas where the cream is applied does not get to touch people around.
  • Polycythemia: this is a condition when there is an increase in red blood cells which causes the blood to thicken and there are chances of blood clot (a condition that could lead to stroke as a result of the thickening).
  • Prostate problems: testosterone treatment causes several prostate problems. It can stimulate prostate tissues and this makes patients feel pressed often, even when the bladder is empty and sometimes, the urine is mixed with blood. There are also cases of prostate noncancerous growth and prostate cancer, and so, it is advised that you go regularly for check-up to notice this earlier although it doesn’t happen to every patient.
  • Skin problems: the application of testosterone creams and the use of the pallet implant methods can cause certain skin problems. Some of these problems include; itching, soreness, acne, rashes, burning, etc.
Other risks include;



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